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Night Tour in the Ecological Farm

The Ecological Farm is a wildlife refuge that allows you to indulge in the beauty of panoramic views and waterfalls smoothly mixed with nearby coffee and banana plantations as you walk along its trails.

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Horseback Riding Tour

In this 2 ½ hour tour the visitor will enjoy of beautiful views of the Gulf of Nicoya while traveling along side-roads inside Monteverde,

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Jeep Boat Jeep

This transfer takes you from Monteverde to La Fortuna and vice versa. It leaves Monteverde around 8:00 AM and La Fortuna, at 8:30 AM and it lasts for about 2 ½ hours.

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Selvatura Park Canopy Tour

Get ready for an adrenaline rush! The Canopy tour: one of the safest and most thrilling adventures of all time opens its doors for you to explore the marvels of an untouched forest from its canopies.

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Selvatura Park's Insect Museum

A must-see for anyone visiting the Monteverde area!

The educational center contains biologist Richard Whitten's "Jewels of the Rainforest" exhibit, one of the world's largest private insect collections.

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Selvatura Park Butterfly Garden

Selvatura Park has one of the largest butterfly gardens in the Americas - 29,000 square feet (2,700 square meters), with a gigantic dome covered in special photothermic plastic and metal sheeting,

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