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Selvatura Park's Insect Museum


A must-see for anyone visiting the Monteverde area!

The educational center contains biologist Richard Whitten's "Jewels of the Rainforest" exhibit, one of the world's largest private insect collections. Dr. Whitten has combined natural history and art in a unique way, rendering an artistic appreciation of these marvelous arthropods, some which are found nowhere else. The guided tour provides fascinating facts about arthropod biodiversity around the world, with a special emphasis on the formidable, fantastic tiny creatures of Monteverde and Costa Rica . 

The multimedia presentation "Wonders of the Rain Forest" offers live close-ups of the strangest, most beautiful and amazingly camouflaged creatures in the forests. No forest experience is complete without an understanding of what exists within it. Our educational center illuminates and explains this fascinating microcosmos. Pick a type of insect: The largest! The weirdest! The strongest! The most beautiful! The most dangerous! They are all there!