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Selvatura Park Butterfly Garden


Selvatura Park has one of the largest butterfly gardens in the Americas - 29,000 square feet (2,700 square meters), with a gigantic dome covered in special photothermic plastic and metal sheeting, which helps regulate the garden's temperature, enabling the garden to shelter more than 30 Costa Rican butterfly species from a variety of elevations and climates.

Specialized guides can answer virtually every question about butterflies. They'll teach guests about the butterfly and moth life cycles as del as many other amazing facts. Guests will come into direct contact with beautiful butterflies, such as the famed iridescent-blue Morpho. 

Selvatura Park 's butterfly garden is a wondrous experience, recommended for people of all ages and all physical conditions. We recommend combining this tour with the Bio-Art "Jewels of the Rain Forest" exhibit. This contains most butterfly species found in Costa Rica and many others from around the world, as well as insects from all over the planet. The butterfly-garden tour lasts approximately 45 minutes with another 30 minutes or more for the insect exhibition.